Saturday, 29 March 2014

46. M is for March, Miranda and Mum

Hello everyone! How are you all? You know when you just have one of those great months? Well March was certainly one of them and let me tell you, it was certainly overdue. I hope you all had a wonderful month too and here's to many more :) Since I last posted, I have been a busy bee and it was nice to have a life again for a bit after my dissertation and before revision for the summer exams. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to see Miranda with my lovely friends Michael and Soleil! Sadly, no photography was allowed during the show but it was brilliant :D The whole theme of the show was a party so Miranda had a little finger buffet and she passed stuff like Doritos and chocolates to the audience members at the front. She also sent two audience members on a date during the interval but it was so awkward at first as there was a 40-something year old woman who came forward to go on a date with the man who was 19 but luckily Miranda asked the woman her age and fairly politely told her that a younger woman would be more suitable. After the interval, she asked the pair how the date went but they only gave each other 6/10 so sadly, I don't think Miranda will be going to their wedding! My personal highlights were when Miranda was complaining about changing the bedding and how fitted sheets are a nightmare because once you've put it on 2 corners, the whole sheet just slides off when you reach the third :'( She also told us that she lies inside her duvet cover as she is putting it on to ensure the corners all match. Now the best bit of the show and probably one of the best things I have seen in my entire life was when Miranda walked out to Beyonce's Crazy in Love. Oh my word. I was crying with happiness. She did the whole one leg in front of the other walk and it has completed my life, I am not exaggerating. She received a standing ovation and rightly so. I bought the Miranda goodie bag and in the programme, there are instructions on how to make vegetapals! SUCH FUN! The goodie bag also contains plasters, a poster and stickers and the bag is a canvas one with the logo for The Official Miranda Hart Gallopers Association. Honestly, I love Miranda Hart, there should be more people like her who simply spread joy throughout the world. Gallop to your heart's content kids! 
March also marks my Mum's birthday and Mother's Day of course. For the second year running, I baked my Mum's birthday cake and she said she liked it which is always good! This year, I went for a carrot cake with orange and cream cheese frosting (recipe taken from John Whaite Bakes). I loved the frosting because it is so much lighter and refreshing than normal buttercream! I think I might make some cupcakes and decorate them with it. I love my Mum to bits but it does my head in when I ask her what she wants and she ALWAYS says "Nothing, I have you and that's all that matters". Yes I know you have me and have had so for almost two decades but PLEASE just tell me so I don't end up getting you something you hate. I mean if you make a slight error when buying a friend a present, it isn't too bad as you don't have to live with them! Anyway, I eventually took my Mum out to the local shops so she could buy a new birthday outfit and a matching headscarf. I also bought her a new alarm clock from Clas Ohlson as she needed one and I am definitely one for practical gifts! I bought her a bouquet of flowers and a bird print scarf like mine from Primark. Here are some photos from my Mum's birthday:

For Mother's Day, I bought my Mum some pistachio, vanilla and strawberry macarons from Patisserie Valerie. I also bought her some white chocolate truffles and chocolate hearts from Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe. Both the Mother's Day and birthday cards were from Moonpig. Moonpig is the one. What did you all get for your lovely mummies? 

As well as baking my Mum's cake, I also invited my best friend, Sammia over who I had not seen since January because of my dissertation so we could do same baking at my house! Sammia set me three challenges a bit like The Great British Bake Off when they have the showstopper, technical and signature bakes. My three challenges were: one bake should have 3 colours, one bake should contain chocolate and one bake should contain two flavours. I only made two bakes as they both contained chocolate so it was silly making a third. We baked Smarties cookies (recipe can be found here: and white chocolate and apricot flapjacks (recipe taken from John Whaite Bakes and can also be found here:
The bakes tasted a lot better than they look!

As I am only in university 3 days a week except when I have my field course or go in to work on assignments, I have been spending a lot of time in my room and when it looks like this, who can blame me?! On Wednesday night, I lit some candles and treated myself to Lush Henna and Jasmine Fluff Ease hair treatment which left my hair feeling so soft! I would give the hair treatment 4/5 because I wasn't too keen on the henna smell and applying it was messy too. Also, if you worry a lot like me then don't be afraid that the treatment contains henna as it will not dye your hair in the slightest, I promise you.
I also discovered the wonder that is the pumice stone in March. I know nobody likes their feet and I have a few friends that cannot bare to even look at theirs but the pumice stone really helps with calluses and cracked heels and because it's natural, it is even better. We had one but when we had the bathroom done a few years ago, it just disappeared. When I was younger, I didn't have an issue with the skin on my feet but I think wearing my heeled ankle boots has caused some areas of hard skin. Anyway, I purchased my pumice stone from good old Amazon and here is the link:

Hope you've enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day with your Mums tomorrow. If you are a mother yourself then Happy Mother's Day. I am looking forward to April as I am going to The Cake and Bake show with my friend next weekend so I will put a post up about that. It is also Parkinson's Awareness Week between the 7th and 13th April so I will be doing my bit for that. If you live in the UK then don't forget to turn your clocks one hour forward tonight (boo, less sleep). Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x