Saturday, 23 June 2012

10. End of an era.

I know it's been a while guys so I thought it would be nice to tell you all what the Mancunian sheep has been up to!
After the toughest two years of my education, I have officially finished my A-levels today.My last exam which was this morning was biology unit 5(for any current AS biologists, I did the AQA exam board so feel free to contact me if you need any help). Very surprisingly, this exam was probably my best A2 one despite it being synoptic. However, chemistry unit 5 was on Tuesday and I can honestly say it was the worst exam I have ever sat in my entire academic career to date. Despite going to chemistry support in my lunch hour almost everyday this year and revising the syllabus several times and completing many past papers, I came out of this exam crying. Sociology which was a week ago was a bit of a weird paper too with the main essay question being worded vaguely. Again, any future A2 chemists and sociologists, I did the AQA exam board and feel free to contact me for any help you require! This summer I had 4 exams (3 A2 and 1 AS) which compared to AS you'd think would be a doddle as last summer,  I had 7 exams after a poor peformance last January. However, since the beginning of May I've been revising 5+ hours a day on average and can now finally lead a normal life until September when hopefully I will be starting a BSc in Biology at the University of Manchester. Exams may have almost ruined the past 2 years of my life but my sixth form experience has been amazing. The staff are lovely and the friendly atmosphere is why Xaverian is so successful. I felt so emotional during the last proper week of lessons at college before study leave and felt like I'd taken things for granted such as the trees:

I have a lot planned over this summer, it all kicks off tomorrow with one of my best friend's 18th birthday party (so excited, it'll be lovely to let my hair down after a tough academic year). Also, I'm going to be hitting the gym, reading a lot of books which I've deeply missed during these past few months and not to forget some baking and gardening. I turn 18 next month so need to plan what I'm doing for it. Most importantly, the Muslim month of Ramadan begins in mid- July and I am looking forward to it of course for several reasons. Firstly, these will be the toughest fasts I have kept in my life so far due to the long daylight hours so these fasts will really make you appreciate what others who are less fortunate than us don't have. Also, I worship a lot more during every Ramadan because I spend less time eating, cooking, etc. I might do a fasting diary on this blog to show the effects on me spirtiually, physically and emotionally as the month goes by (that's if I'm not too tired, thristy and hungry).
It's close to midnight ;) and the sound of raindrops hitting my windows has stopped at last after 2 whole days of constant rainfall so it's time for the Mancunian sheep to sleep. Take care everyone!
Mancunian Sheep x