Tuesday, 16 September 2014

70. Back to Uni Stationery Essentials for Under £10

Hello everyone, sorry I've not posted in so long! I finished my summer internship last Friday and have just been resting, reading and baking since. I go back to university tomorrow for welcome talks and lectures start next week. I'm feeling the final year fear now, not gonna lie! I am a lover of all things stationery but have realised that a lot of it has accumulated over the years e.g. flashcards, A3 paper, fineliners etc so I have decided to purchase just the essentials this year. To be fair, you don't really need much at university anyway as so much stuff is done online. Anyway, here's what I did buy and all for a reasonable amount of money too! If you want to purchase anything mentioned in the post then as ever, I've provided links where possible.

Good old Asda currently have a 2 for £3 offer on which I took advantage of. I don't need many pens as I make most of my lecture notes on my netbook.

I prefer these pens to the standard Bic medium
pens which make my finger sore.
(£2.50 from Asda

All my favourite colours in one pen.
 Perfect for brightening up your lecture notes!
(£2.50 from Asda)
That's the pens done, now for the paper! I've always had a thing for Pukka pads for as long as I can remember. Pukka Pad jottas are my favourite. The paper is of high quality, they have margins and the wire doesn't unravel unlike cheaper brands. With 200 pages in each one, there's more than enough to last the semester. Ryman currently have the A4 jottas on for half price at £2.14 each so I purchased one for each of the four modules I have this semester and accidentally bought an extra one and only realised when I got home! Oops, you can never have enough Pukka Pads in my opinion ;)

In previous years, I've opted for ring binders to store my lecture and revision notes in but this year, I've decided to go for expanding files. Not only do these take up a lot less space than ring binders, they are also resistant to any Manchester rain! I love how you are able to label each of the tabs too and there's no need to buy dividers or plastic wallets. These were £2 each from Asda (unfortunately, I can't find a link on the website but check your local store).

I hope you found this post useful and best of luck to everyone going back to/ starting school/college/university.

Until next time, take care.

Mancunian Sheep x

Saturday, 6 September 2014

69. Dough and Tea 4/2, Manchester

Hello everyone, sorry I've not posted in almost 2 weeks. I've been busy catching up with friends over the past fortnight but did film a What's In My Bag video last weekend which you can watch here:

Last weekend, my lovely friend Misbah and I met up for lunch and decided to try out 2 eateries in Manchester which we had not previously visited. I absolutely love the Northern Quarter, it's my favourite part of Manchester because of all the quirky boutiques and cafes that it is home to. First, Misbah and I went to Dough Pizza Kitchen as Italian food is our favourite! It has a lovely, friendly atmosphere and is family friendly for those of you with little 'uns. The staff provided a prompt and professional service and knocked up our freshly baked pizzas in approximately 10 minutes whilst we admired our cute Orangina bottles.Both Misbah and I had the Rustica which was topped with sun blushed tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, rocket and Parmesan. 

After a cheeky photo outside Dough, Misbah and I went to Tea 4/2 for cake. The interior was beautiful with a white, grey and pink colour scheme but not too girly. It would be perfect for a Mother's Day treat. If you're in Manchester and love carrot cake then you have to go to this place. It was the best carrot cake that I have ever tasted, it was such a light and flavoursome sponge, the icing wasn't sickly and you could see the actual carrot in there for once! Misbah had chocolate cake which she enjoyed too. I really liked the chocolate decorations on Misbah's cake. To accompany our cakes, Misbah opted for the hot chocolate which looked lovely and I went for the macchiato but hadn't realised that it would be a caffe macchiato not a caramel macchiato so didn't end up having it as a 5pm espresso is never a good idea. I'm already thinking of going back for the afternoon tea which looked spectacular!

Mancunian Sheep recently hit 3000 views so as a thank you, I thought I would share this wonderful offer with you all. Now as regular readers know, I love books and have mentioned them in many a post. I'm not a fan of e-readers because there is nothing quite like the physical experience of reading a book (turning the pages in suspense, that gorgeous new book smell etc). For those of you who read books like they should be read, Amazon have a brilliant 3 fo £10 offer on hundreds of titles which you can check out here.
This offer ends at 23:59 on Tuesday 23 September 2014. Thank me later.

Until next time, take care.


Mancunian Sheep x