Friday, 27 May 2011

1. What a hectic week!

Hi everyone! Firstly, I'd like to thank you for even bothering to come and check out my blog. Today, I finished my exams and I thought I'd be happier than I am. Perhaps my brain is too tired to even acknowledge that I won't have to do any more revision. Hoorah! Anyway, enough rambling on about nothing. I have BIG news my friends, I am going to my first ever concert this September. I am going to see Adele with my friend Lauren who is one in a million. Those of you who follow me on Twitter are probably sick to death of me repeating this but I don't think you understand how big a fan I am of Adele's. She is outstanding. I am sat on the sofa in my living room pretty bored, I'm watching Made in Chelsea again. I actually like it but nothing or no-one is ever and I repeat ever going to make me watch TOWIE (the only way is Essex). I've seen enough oompa loompas on the "My big fat gypsy wedding" series this year. I seem to have gone off topic. Sorry. As the title of this post says, hectic, I should expand on that. Basically, I had 4 exams this week. One of which was today and didn't go as well as I'd wanted but that didn't surprise me because it was Chemistry Unit 2. I also had Biology Unit 2 and Statistics Unit 1 yesterday. For those of you who care,  Statistics went better than Biology. On Monday, I had my Chemistry unit 1 resit which went quite well. I HATE the fact that I resat both Chemistry unit 1 and Maths unit 1. I feel so incredibly stupid, resits were non-existent to me at GCSE level. Although my exams are over, I am still a busy bee. I am taking part in the Manchester Access Programme which enables me to expericence the University of Manchester better than those who aren't on MAP by attending several useful events and writing a 1500 word assignment on a topic of my choice. I need to do all of my research, planning and write up the 1500 word assignment preferably before I go back to college. I shall relax for this weekend however after doing 7 exams in the space of 9 days. Tomorrow is the Champions League Final! Come on Barcelona! Good luck to those of you who still have exams and if you'd like, you can leave a comment expressing your views on exams, Made in Chelsea, TOWIE, the champions league final or anything else I have mentioned in this post. Take care, Shazia x