Sunday, 16 February 2014

40. Song of the Month- February

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a fab weekend. I've decided to start a new feature on here. Last month, I shared a song that I was listening a lot to during revision (see the post titled "A little gift for you all") and that gave me the idea to make it into a regular thing.

This month's song is Play by Katy B feat. Sampha taken from her new album, Little Red which went to Number 1 in the charts today! :D I downloaded it last night after watching the TV advert so many times and was not disappointed. It is definitely going to be one of the best albums of 2014. I like Play particularly because both vocalists are in harmony. Aaliyah and Emotions are my other personal favourites from the album as they showcase Katy's voice.

I remember when Katy's debut single, On a Mission came out back in 2010 when I started sixth form so her second album has been long overdue. Have any of you listened to Little Red, if so what is your favourite track? Have a great week and until next time, take care.

Mancunian Sheep x

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

39. From Offensive Umbrellas to Sniffing Butter

Hello everyone, I hope you're all safe in this horrendous weather. I'm surprised that the battering of Britain hasn't been categorised as a hurricane. I would call it Hurricane Deidre or Hurricane Blanche if it snows, after the Corrie characters. On a serious note I really do hope you and your homes are in one piece still. In my previous post, I shared some cheeky purchases with you and instead of learning from my wild and rebellious ways and saving for a car, I've gone and done some more shopping. Here's a video filmed on my new Nikon P520 featuring even more naughty purchases, enjoy!
Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x

Monday, 10 February 2014

38. Presents All Round!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well and have survived this awful weather. It's been one big storm since November. One of our garden fence panels was knocked over by the gales which is a bit annoying.
I've had a fairly busy fortnight since I last updated you all with everything. University is nowhere near as hectic as it was last semester so far. I'm only in for 3 days a week and spend the other 2 researching for my dissertation/ pondering life's mysteries (well my life's anyway). Last week, I met up with my dissertation supervisor and he seemed impressed with my plan and the reading I'd done so far so it's reassuring to know that I'm on the right path. In terms of lectures, I'm enjoying immunology and evolution and some of it is quite similar to stuff we have done before such as the innate immune system and the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. My plants module takes me back to the glorious days of GCSE Geography because we are learning a lot about agriculture. That's fine by me as one of my dreams is to become a shepherd. Talking of sheep, I was watching Eastenders on Friday night with my Mum and I spotted one of my flock! There was a scene when Carol went up to check for David and Arg Miles was lying down on the pillow. I asked Arg Miles about it and he said he'd got the train down to London to film one day when I was busy revising! 

Two of my good friends at university turned 20 during the last fortnight so I got them both a little something. I thought I'd share with you what I bought them if you were looking for inspiration for people with similar interests. One of them loves doodling in lectures and is very good at art so I bought him a Wreck This Journal which I thought could also be used as a stress buster just in case this semester turns out be chaotic like the previous one. I also bought him some chocolates from Thorntons because who doesn't love chocolate?!
My other friend is a huge Downton Abbey fan and I was really struggling with what to get her but thank God for M&S! When I don't know what to get for someone as gift, I usually check the M&S, Accessorize, Boots, Cath Kidston, Next, Asos and Topshop websites and Amazon of course! They are my favourite retailers and this method hardly ever lets me down. Anyway, M&S do a lovely range of Downton Abbey products so I have provided the link below:
I ended up buying the Dowton Abbey cosmetic bag and lip balms and a cute tea for one set from Kirsty Allsopp's range because she is great on Location Location Location :P
I was a bit naughty and ended up buying myself a few things too. A few months ago, I told my Mum that if I came home with a new pair of shoes or a bag to make me return them but alas, she didn't. I can justify my purchases because one of them I really needed and the other, well, I couldn't resist! Since losing some weight, I'd been looking for a good quality belt but everywhere sells the really narrow waist belts or just weird ones but Next saved the day. I picked this little beauty up for £5, what a bargain!
I always struggle to find shoes at this time of the year during the weird winter-spring transition because aside from the storms, we have really mixed weather. It feels too cold and can be too wet to be wearing canvas pumps but then again, big winter boots start to feel a bit heavy at times when we have the odd sunny day. I'd been looking for Chelsea boots everywhere that day but the ones in Topshop seemed to tight to slip on and that didn't change regardless of a 6 or a 7. The ones in New Look had too much of a high heel and I don't remember seeing any in H&M. There were a lot of ankle boots in Next, Topshop and River Island which had cut out detail which I hate because then your feet would just get wet. You may as well walk around in sandals! Eventually after 2 hours (luckily I was on my own so didn't drag any of my poor friends around with me), I purchased these Next Black Ankle Workboots. They do have a heel which does not compromise how comfortable these are. I've worn them every day since I bought them last Monday and not a blister in sight. I was in university from 9am-4pm on Friday and still managed to walk in them despite the fact that I hardly ever wear heels.

As promised, it's time for my update on my Clinique skin care regime. It has been exactly 2 weeks since I started (see my previous post Investing in my Skin for more info) and my Mum and I have both noticed a difference in my skin. My forehead especially, has cleared up really well. Don't think I've been this blemish free since pre-puberty. My nose has significantly fewer blackheads. I think I've only had one teeny tiny breakout in the form of a spot on my forehead but even that faded after a couple of treatments. There's been no new big breakouts on my neck and chin and it's clearing up the old ones well. I have attached some photos so you can judge for yourself. What amazes me is that even after I've done step 1 (cleansing foam) and then do step 2 (clarifying lotion), my cotton wool ball that I use to apply the lotion is fairly grubby which is scary.The clarifying lotion is quite strong and does sting when you apply it to red spots. I recommend not using it where your face is blemish free already because it ended up giving my cheeks a rough texture. I shall update you all in a fortnight.

Have any of you done a Wreck This Journal or are writing your dissertation/thesis currently? If so, what is your title? Has anyone else been a bit naughty and treated themselves for getting through January? As ever, feel free to comment below! Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

37. Spontaneous Vlogging!

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. Now in a previous post I mentioned that I would be starting a YouTube vlog in summer but as always, I always want everything done yesterday. I've taken the plunge and have just uploaded my first video which you can find here:

I know the quality isn't great but I just could not wait until summer when I will be buying a DSLR. Hope you all enjoy watching. Until next time, take care.


Mancunian Sheep x

Sunday, 2 February 2014

36. Top 10 Biology facts!

Hello everyone, as I am in my second year at university studying Biology, I thought I would share some interesting facts that I've learnt with you all.

1. Humans have ten times more bacteria than cells in their body. Our microbiota carry out many important functions such as producing anti-microbials to deter pathogens and secreting enzymes to help us digest food.

2. Many common illnesses such as Type 1 Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis are autoimmune diseases which is when our body rejects our own cells and attacks them.

3. Female kangaroos, koalas and other marsupials have two vaginas.

4. Earthworms have five heart like structures called aortic arches.

5. Some species of fish can change sex. Clownfish are protandrous i.e. change from male to female and blue headed wrasse are protogynous i.e. change from female to male.

6Toxoplasma gondii is a unicellular parasite with devastating consequences. In America, it was spread by cat faeces contaminating the water supply causing humans to develop severe psychosis and display suicidal thoughts.

7. The biomass of viruses in water alone is larger than the total mass of elephants globally.

8. Oxytocin is a hormone which when inhaled may make us more trusting of others. They even sell it as a spray in the USA! It also plays a role in uterine muscle contraction during childbirth, establishing maternal behaviour and stimulating milk production in new mothers.

9. The world's largest flower is Rafflesia arnoldii and it smells like a rotting carcass.

10. Studies in fruit flies have shown improvements in long term memory formation after a period of "fly rest" which goes to show that 8 hours every night are crucial and all nighters don't work.

I hope you've all learnt something new. 
Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x