Saturday, 6 September 2014

69. Dough and Tea 4/2, Manchester

Hello everyone, sorry I've not posted in almost 2 weeks. I've been busy catching up with friends over the past fortnight but did film a What's In My Bag video last weekend which you can watch here:

Last weekend, my lovely friend Misbah and I met up for lunch and decided to try out 2 eateries in Manchester which we had not previously visited. I absolutely love the Northern Quarter, it's my favourite part of Manchester because of all the quirky boutiques and cafes that it is home to. First, Misbah and I went to Dough Pizza Kitchen as Italian food is our favourite! It has a lovely, friendly atmosphere and is family friendly for those of you with little 'uns. The staff provided a prompt and professional service and knocked up our freshly baked pizzas in approximately 10 minutes whilst we admired our cute Orangina bottles.Both Misbah and I had the Rustica which was topped with sun blushed tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, rocket and Parmesan. 

After a cheeky photo outside Dough, Misbah and I went to Tea 4/2 for cake. The interior was beautiful with a white, grey and pink colour scheme but not too girly. It would be perfect for a Mother's Day treat. If you're in Manchester and love carrot cake then you have to go to this place. It was the best carrot cake that I have ever tasted, it was such a light and flavoursome sponge, the icing wasn't sickly and you could see the actual carrot in there for once! Misbah had chocolate cake which she enjoyed too. I really liked the chocolate decorations on Misbah's cake. To accompany our cakes, Misbah opted for the hot chocolate which looked lovely and I went for the macchiato but hadn't realised that it would be a caffe macchiato not a caramel macchiato so didn't end up having it as a 5pm espresso is never a good idea. I'm already thinking of going back for the afternoon tea which looked spectacular!

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Mancunian Sheep x