Monday, 24 March 2014

45. 8 week Clinique and Origins Skincare Update

Hello everyone, it was exactly 8 weeks ago today that I went to my local Boots and bought bags of potions for my skin (see my post titled "Investing in my skin" to read how it all started). Anyway, as promised, I thought I would update you all with how successful the products were in improving my skin's condition. 

I'll start with Origins which I bought to help my bacne and I'm sorry to say this but the products made my skin worse than it already was. I am aware that breakouts can occur depending on the hormonal cycle but pretty much immediately after using the Origins Skin Diver shower gel, I always noticed a couple of large painful spots. Now, I know I could have stopped using these products but I wanted to see if it was just a case of it will get worse before it gets better but I think 2 months is long enough to say that it won't get any better. I'm not sure if because it was a men's skincare product that it may have been too harsh on my skin but the assistant at the Origins counter insisted it would be fine. The Origins spot remover blemish treatment pads were not any better and all they seemed to do was aggravate the large spots the shower gel seemed to cause. Again, these products are made for the face so I'm not sure whether they were strong enough to tackle back acne but I don't know why the assistant would have recommended them otherwise. I wish I could have shown you a before and after of my back but that would have been rather odd. It is safe to say that I won't be purchasing Origins products again. They are overpriced and quite frankly, do not work! If any of you suffer from back acne and know of a miracle product then please please please let me know! I made an appointment for it with the GP today but don't have much faith truth be told.

On a slightly more positive note, Clinique's anti-blemish three step skincare system did work! Personally, I think the most marked improvements have been on my forehead and chin. You can compare the photos below with the ones on my investing in my skin post to make up your mind. I have had a few breakouts due to hormones and stress but the products help clear them up quicker than before. I'm hoping with time, the blemishes on my neck will also reduce but I think that may have something to do with my headscarf pin... The facial soap does what it says on the tin and is not harsh on your skin and feels really light and refreshing. I use 2 pumps in the evening to remove all the grime that accumulates during the day and 1 pump in the morning. The clarifying lotion liquid exfoliator is really good and there has been a marked reduction in the blackheads on my nose, I'm still surprised by how dirty the cotton pad can be even after using the face wash. When you have a red painful spot, it does sting a bit when you apply the liquid exfoliator but it definitely does the job. The all over clearing treatment prevents your skin from becoming too dry as the exfoliator can be quite harsh and it leaves your skin looking shiny. Also, I'm not sure if this has something to do with the products but since using them, I have stopped picking my spots (yes, I know it is a disgusting habit)! I know the three step system can be quite pricy but I have used the products twice a day for two months and still have enough of the facial soap and clarifying lotion to last me another two and I think the all over clearing treatment will last another month too. I have also been using the Clinique All About Eyes cream and although it leaves the skin around my eyes smooth and hydrated, it has not reduced the appearance of fine lines or improved the dark circles beneath my eyes so I won't be buying it again and it costs £25.
Below are some "after" photos:

I hope this has been useful and do comment below letting me know what your favourite skin care products are! Watch out for my next post which will be a book review on The Compatibility Gene, I can't put it down and woke up early this morning to read it so I should finish it in a few days. Until next time, take care.

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