Saturday, 1 November 2014

71. Septober Favourites

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for not posting for almost 2 months. I hope you've all been well! I'm in my final year at university now and I have just been so busy with finals prep, researching for my literature review and keeping up with the reading and notes for lectures. In addition to living in the library (not even exam season yet); I'm looking for graduate jobs, trying to keep in touch with friends and of course, single-handedly look after my Mum. I feel like so much has happened since my last post: Great British Bake Off ended (who else thinks Richard and his pencil were robbed?), the trees are almost naked and the clocks went back. Now that we've had a little catch up, it's time for September/October favourites. I'm actually using this post as a research break because I've been reading scientific journal articles on why pharmaceutical companies are no longer carrying out research to find new antibiotics.
As it is October, I have 10 favourites this month so grab a cuppa and get comfy :)

1) HTC One Mini- I bought a new phone in late September as the buttons at the bottom of the screen on my old one (HTC Desire C) stopped working. I love my new phone! I had my old one for 2 years because I was reluctant to buy a new one as they are all so big and won't fit in your pocket which is why I got the "Mini" (which still isn't what I'd call mini). The cameras and sound on this are of an amazing quality and it just looks and feels well made.   

2) Dorothy Perkins blanket scarf- When you live in Manchester, winter can be colder than the rest of the UK (to be fair, we have had a decent summer this year and it's still relatively warm compared to other years now). I was in Dorothy Perkins looking for a coat and this caught my eye. I adore the autumn colours and the two classic patterns so it's something that won't go out of fashion. You can wear it as well, a blanket or a scarf. It was £18. I actually did an autumn haul video that you can watch here.

3) Water-yes I've included good old H2O in my Septober favourites. I've somehow managed to stop drinking tea and coffee because during my summer internship, none of the other interns drank tea/coffee so I kind of got used to not drinking them either. Also, as we have had such a warm summer, it wasn't really tea/coffee drinking weather. Now it's been so long that when I did have coffee this week whilst I was catching up with friends, I got the worst headache and felt a bit sick and shaky afterwards. I am sleeping a lot more sensibly and my skin will thank me for it. Available from a tap near you.

4) Witch Hazel Oil Control Foaming Face Wash- Since I found out Clinique were on the Israeli boycott list, I needed a new face wash. I remember my Mum using the Witch blemish stick so I thought I would give this a try. I have combination skin so my T-zone is oily but the rest of my face is normal. This has not led to any break-outs and I've been using it since August. If used morning and night, it prevents you waking up with an oily T-zone (bleurgh!). This was £3.99 and lasts ages.

5) Eau Thermale Avene Light Hydrating Cream with SPF 20- At £15, this is quite a hefty price to pay for a moisturiser but it is justifiable. For any of you who also have combination skin like me, you will know how difficult it is to find a moisturiser that does not make your T-zone extra oily which can lead to spots. In autumn/winter, the skin on my T-zone can get a bit dry and flaky so I needed a good moisturiser to prevent this. It also has SPF 20 which makes it suitable for all year round and you only need a tiny amount so it will last ages! It leaves my skin smooth and lasts the whole day. It's also available in a "rich" formula for those that require extra moisture.

6) Topshop Advent Chelsea boots- I love Chelsea boots because they go with just about anything! What I love about these boots is the v shape detail over the stretchy flap which makes them so unique. They are real leather but required very little breaking in; by the third time I wore them, they felt comfortable. The one thing I would change about them is their height, they are literally ankle boots and just about cover your ankle so I do wish they were a little higher. These were £55 and are now only available in black according to the Topshop website but check your local store.

7)Potato smiles- oh the nostalgia! I felt like I was in primary school. Best served with fish fingers, baked beans and lots of ketchup :D

8) Green & Black's almond- my lovely friend Melissa bought us the Green and Black's collection for Eid and the almond one was definitely my favourite. The nutty flavour complements the smooth, creamy chocolate so well. That reminds me, I need to go and buy a bar. #fatgirlproblems

9) Clean Bandit- I went to see Clean Bandit in October with my great friend, Lorna. They were at Manchester Academy and their support act was Years and Years who I mentioned in my Song of the Month post in August. Clean Bandit put on a great show, I love Neil and Grace so much and the vocalists with them were amazing!

10) Little Miss Sunshine Mug- My internship manager gave me this as a leaving present because she said she saw it and it reminded her of me as I'm always smiling and chirpy even during stressful situations. How cute! <3

Thank you for reading and hopefully it won't be 2015 before my next post.

Until next time, take care.


Mancunian Sheep x