Saturday, 29 November 2014

75. November Favourites

Hello everyone! It literally feels like yesterday when I was writing my October favourites post and here I am doing one for November! As I have 11 favourites this month, this post will be long so I'll put up a separate post in the next few days about what I've been up to. There's a real mix of favourites this month so happy reading! 

1) Faith in Nature Crystal Stick Deodorant- Now I am no Sweaty Betty I can assure you but, let's be honest everyone sweats. After reading the lovely Niomi Smart's post on natural deodorants, I decided to purchase one. If ever there was a miracle product, it is this! Apart from the satisfaction that you aren't applying any toxic chemicals to your skin on a daily basis, the product does as it says and prevents odour and you sweat a lot less! All you do is wet the deodorant under warm water and apply. I'm never going back to conventional deodorants!

2) Barry M nail paint in Raspberry and Blackberry- I love Barry M nail polish and these are my favourite shades for this winter. Other shades that I like for autumn/winter are fuschia, spring green and bright purple but I will be wearing raspberry and blackberry the most as they are such classic colours that go with everything!

3) M&S socks- The feeling of new socks is one of my favourite things and I adore this pattern. I actually bought these in September so they are no longer available.

4) H & M flannel checked shirt- What I love most about this shirt is that it is long which means you can wear it in so many different ways. The colours are lovely and it is so warm and cosy! I like to wear mine buttoned up with leggings and ankle boots.

5) Netbook sleeve- I've had my netbook for over a year now so it was time for a new cover. I saw this and fell in love as it reminded me of the children's TV show, Polka Dot Shorts! Do any of you remember it?

6) Vimto- I love the smell of Vimto and these cute bottles are the perfect size! (Yes, I realise we must be the only people in 2014 to still have a milkman and yes we keep ketchup in the fridge as you should!)

7) Hummus and carrots- I've really been making the effort to have more healthy snacks and Niomi's video gave me lots of great ideas! I'm quite good with my fruit but not so good with raw vegetables so this is the perfect snack. This is such a quick and easy snack to prepare and is ideal for lunch or when you come home from school, university or work. 

Such a cute carrot!
8) Nature Reviews Microbiology- I've been working on my literature review on antibiotic resistance since September and  I was struggling to find a good paper on the origins of antibiotic resistance for ages but, a 2010 article from Allen et al. in Nature Reviews Microbiology saved the day. For any microbiologists out there with access to Nature, this is the article.

9) Gavin and Stacey Christmas special- There is only one Christmas special that I know most of the words to as I have seen it so many times. Personal highlights include Smithy singing Band Aid, Nessa's OH OH OH Merry Christmas and Mick's obsession with perfecting his turkey. If you haven't seen it already, where have you been? This will have you laughing from beginning to end, I promise!

10) Blank Space by Taylor Swift- I love the song, I love the video and dare I say it, I love Taylor too. The video for Blank Space is probably what a Disney Princess movie would be like in a parallel universe.

 11) S Club 7- When I heard that there was going to be an S Club 7 reunion, one of my dreams came true (See what I did there? Ha!). After watching their Children in Need performance and hearing that they were going on tour, I was determined to get tickets and... I managed to get some! YAY :D I can't wait to see them in May with my lovely friend, Alex. I've been listening to their greatest hits album because it is one motivational soundtrack when you're reading and writing about a depressing subject like antibiotic resistance. 

Until next time, take care.

Mancunian Sheep x