Friday, 14 November 2014

74. My 5 Favourite Things In My Bedroom

Hello everyone! I was looking around my room and thought I would share some photos of things in my room and explain why they are my favourites. These are in no particular order of preference by the way!

My headboard/mantelpiece. Personally, I am a fan of the white/cream and red colour scheme of my room because not only does it remind me of Where's Wally, it looks good. As it is winter, I love lighting candles as it gives the room that cosy feeling. The picture of Where's Wally and I was done by my talented friend, Lauren and was a present for my 18th birthday. The print of the sheep is by Sophie Morrell and was an Eid present from my friend, Misbah. The small white candles are the Yankee Candle soft cotton sampler votives and the red one is the same in rainwashed berry. The large one is the Glade pomegranate and white flower which lasts ages!

This framed postcard of Andy Murray lifting the Wimbledon trophy sits proudly on my desk, I bought the postcard from the Wimbledon gift shop so this photo brings back many happy memories. The frame is from Paperchase and was also a gift from Misbah.

My cactus, Kate who lives on the windowsill. I bought Kate from the Tatton Park flower show in 2013 and named her Kate as she (the Duchess of Cambridge, not the cactus) had just given birth to baby George. During summer, Kate gives lovely bright pink flowers. She is a member of the Mammilllaria pringlei.

My friend Melissa got me this soap tin for my 20th birthday and now I use it to store my hijab pins and jewellery that I wear often. It prevents me losing the pins or one of my pair of earrings!

I was lucky enough to see Adele at the Manchester Apollo during her 2011 tour. I say lucky as she became ill during the tour and missed several dates and I was so worried that she wouldn't recover in time for Manchester as selfish as that sounds. I bought this poster which hangs on the side of my wardrobe because 21 is my second favourite album of all time (AM by the Arctic Monkeys took the top spot off Adele last year).

What do you love most in your room?

Until next time, take care.


Mancunian Sheep x