Wednesday, 29 April 2015

96. April Favourites

Hello everyone, it's monthly favourites time and as it's April, I have 4 for you. They're quite diverse this month with two technology favourites, a TV and a fashion one too.

1) Back in Time for Dinner- This and Gogglebox are the only shows I have been watching during April as I have been busy writing my dissertation and also because there is nothing else good on TV! For those of you who haven't seen Back in Time for Dinner, one family spend 50 days living through 50 years, it's a bit like Doctor Who on a smaller scale and centred around food rather than battling Daleks. The family are an absolutely lovely bunch and they were so funny! Each episode follows the family through a decade from 1950-2000 and the final episode was about food in the future. I absolutely loved it when the Mum got so excited over the fridge. It makes such a nice change to the regular shows about food which are all about cooking. Food history is so interesting. It is still available on iPlayer and can be found here.

Can you guess which decade this is?
2) Photo Grid app - I could not believe that I've not included this in my favourites previously because this is such a useful app. Usually when I've been out with friends or it's a special occasion, it's so much better to just post a collage on Instagram instead of loads of individual photos clogging up other people's feeds. It's free too so what more could you want! Android users can find it here.

3) Black Deena and Ozzy Croc Angular Backpack - I realised that I didn't have a "smart" backpack in my bag collection and I wanted a new everyday bag as well so after a look around on the Topshop, Asos, Zara and Accessorize websites, I finally found THE ONE on the Urban Outifitters website. It goes with everything, is the perfect size, it's well made and has compartments! The straps are easily adjustable and wide enough to stay on your shoulders. The drawstring and two button fastenings makes it secure and you do have 2 zipped compartments for things like your keys or phone. The croc detail is a nice touch and the angular shape of the flap makes it a bit different to other backpacks. It is also available in a tan colour if that's more your thing but I bought a tan bag from Accessorize a few months ago so decided to mix it up a bit and go for black. If you would like me to film an updated What's in my Bag video featuring this backpack then comment below.

I really like this zipped compartment at the back to gain access to things like a bus pass
 or earphones without even having to open the bag when you're travelling.

4) Sony a5000 with 16-50 mm kit lens - I bought a new camera after having my Nikon P520 for 14 months. The Nikon was very good but the size just wasn't practical for my lifestyle and I wanted a camera with an interchangeable lens so I can experiment with photography more. I purchased the Sony a5000 as it has a tilt screen like the Nikon P520 but it is much more compact and you can change the lens. Honestly, I regret staying loyal to Nikon for 5 years as this camera is miles better in terms of photo quality and also, the Wi-Fi feature on this makes sharing photos so much easier. I also love the ? button which provides a description of what each setting does. Below are some sample photos taken with the camera around our house and garden and a couple of the camera itself. 

If I ever get married, it will have to be in Spring just like the great man himself, Andy Murray! How beautiful did Kim, Andy, Judy and everyone else look?
This camera is awesome!

All photos in my previous post were also taken with this camera if you'd like to look at some more sample photos. 

Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x