Thursday, 18 December 2014

78. Childhood

The mind wanders during revision as many of you know and I started to think about my childhood. I am an only child but that doesn't mean I didn't lead an eventful and exciting childhood let me tell you now. For a start, being an only child somehow meant that my parents seemed to photograph me at every opportunity (they clearly had a lot of time on their hands with having only one angelic child haha). When VHS was still around, I used to re-watch our home videos, they were obligatory at every birthday and family day out (we still have our old camcorder for some odd reason). Childhood has many definitions- some consider it to be over at 16, others at 18 or even 21 but from what I've heard from parents that I know personally and fictional parents that I've read about in books, we always remain as children in our parents' eyes even if they're still around when we're grey haired and wrinkly. 

I was a weird child and most of you are probably thinking, you're still weird mate but then I ask you, what's normal? Everyone's unique and we all have our own little quirky traits and habits which makes us human and not robots. Some of my quirky habits when I was younger are as follows:

  • I used to collect stones from the garden. I also used to crush leaves using stones sometimes on the garden wall. I was trying to copy my Mum with the pestle and mortar but as to why I collected the stones, I have no idea. I used to give them to my Mum who politely accepted but deep down must have been thinking WTF?! I also used to collect conkers and pine cones and my Mum used to put them in glasses in the display cabinet in the lounge. 
  • I used to have a toy telephone and used to pretend to iron with it. My Mum then bought me a travel iron when I was about 12 to fulfil my ironing dreams (I hate ironing now).
  • My oldest and dearest friend, Peggy was named by my Mum after Peggy Patch from the show, Playdays despite the fact that Jenny looks much more like Peggy Patch (to be fair, I've had Peggy since I was 2 and Jenny since I was 7).

  • When the Teletubbies used to finish, I used to go up to the TV and climb onto the sofa to hug them goodbye as they jumped into their underground futuristic home. La-la was my favourite <3
  • Whenever a friend used to come over to our house to play, I always suggested that we played the crocodile game. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with it but it's when you have to get from one side of the room to the other without touching the floor which is water and full of crocodiles. We used to use old catalogues or phone directories as stepping stones. Sometimes we used to live life on the edge (literally) when we only had one or two stepping stones to get across the room.
  • All of the stories mentioned above are from when I was very young but this one is from when I was in Year 8 and 9 in secondary school- I had a flexible ruler called Fredrick the Flexible A.K.A Fred. Fred and I had some great times during boring maths lessons and he provided lots of entertainment to everyone on my table (aw remember sitting together on tables in school and hating it when you were in a seating plan so couldn't be sat with your closest friends?). Fred's life came to a sudden end when he went missing in double Geography in Year 10. I seriously contemplated putting missing posters around the school. R.I.P. Fred, gone but never forgotten. 

I can't wait to have my own children (note the plural, there is no way I'm having just one after being an only child myself) one day God Willing. Childhood does go by so quickly and only now do I realise that adults were right when they used to say stuff like "enjoy school while it lasts". Children express themselves and they should be allowed to do so however they wish because it's what shapes the adult that they turn out to be which is why I'm against gender specific toys. The recent news that Lego has produced a female scientist edition made me love Lego even more. It's also important that everyone has the right to childhood. I'm talking about the children who died in the Peshawar school attack this week and those being tortured in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and other war-torn countries around the world. I'm talking about the increasing number of victims of sex predators coming forward. Not forgetting the thousands who are subject to child labour around the world and don't have access to education. It's often people with a scarred childhood that go onto do terrible things so it's a vicious circle that needs to stop.

I hope you've enjoyed a trip down memory lane.
Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x