Friday, 12 December 2014

77. 5 Things I Appreciate and Hate About Winter

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well and are managing to survive in this horrendously cold weather. I've been saying for months that this winter will be a particularly cold one because whenever we have a good summer, we then have a "good" winter like in 2010 when it snowed a lot. Us Brits are well known for talking about the weather- it's used as a conversation starter in awkward situations, any "extreme" weather is excessively reported as headline news and the country comes to a standstill whenever it snows. I am guilty of being obsessed with the weather, I have the local weather tweets delivered to my phone daily and have done so for at least the past 3 years. For anyone from Manchester, this is the account and it is far more accurate than the mainstream weather forecasts. Anyway, seeing as we are well and truly in winter, I thought I may as well do a wintry post on five things I like and five things I dislike about winter. We'll end on a positive so I shall do the dislikes first!!

  1. Not being able to see through the front door spy hole because it's steamed over. I know this is very specific but it is such a nuisance because if anyone knocks on the door after midday, I can't tell who it is most of the time.
  2. Having cold hands and feet most of the time regardless of socks, gloves and any other intervention.
  3. Turning into a penguin and gaining blubber. I do try and be healthy but when it's freezing, the last thing I want is a salad and a smoothie so end up having stodgy food and hot chocolate. Ah well, at least I'll lose it in summer (she hopes!).
  4. Walking home in the dark is bad enough as it is but then add in wet, slippery leaves covering the path and arctic winds and the walk home is something you dread after a long day at university/work. Also, it is so depressing leaving the house and returning home both in the dark. It makes me feel like I've not achieved much because once it gets dark, I feel like the day is a write-off. Similarly, car owners are faced with the morning frost on the windscreens and by the time the car warms up, you've usually arrived at your destination and have to get out of the car.
  5. The horror that is January exam season. Unlike May/June exams which are followed by a long "hot" summer, January exams are followed by more work yay! Also, while the rest of society is enjoying time off work/school due to Christmas and New Year, we're going wild and partying hard with revision

And now for what I enjoy in winter!

  1. Although I don't appreciate the shorter days, I do like seeing the sunrise and sunset. The sky is beautiful at these times and my Instagram has been full of friends' shots of a red and/or amber sky. It's just so relaxing to watch.
  2. Winter fashion. I do love wrapping up warm in jumpers, scarves and coats. Also, I have been loving faux shearling this year and last year. I love gold, burgundy and emerald green in winter- I'm basically a walking Christmas tree.
  3. Hot chocolate- after quitting tea and coffee this year (I have herbal teas now and again but coffee makes me all anxious now because I've not had it for so long), I'm loving hot chocolate. I went to visit my Mum in hospital last week and it was so cold in the evening so I treated myself to Costa's orange hot chocolate. It tastes and looks beautiful.
  4. The extra hour in bed due to the clocks going back is much appreciated.
  5. Christmas- tis the season to be jolly after all. Everyone just seems to be a lot happier around Christmas (a bit like during the London 2012 Olympics) unless you work in retail, then you're miserable as sin because of the prospect of working at the 6am Boxing Day sale. You've got to enjoy mince pies and cheesy Christmas songs whilst they're here.

What do you love and hate about winter?
Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x