Tuesday, 15 July 2014

62. My 20th Birthday

Hello everyone, in traditional Mancunian Sheep style, here's my birthday post! Unfortunately, the Mancunian Sheep is no longer a teenager and I now feel very old as ridiculous as it sounds. I think it's because like I said in my first post of this year, the twenties are the most life changing decade in my opinion and I just don't feel ready for it all. I don't want this post to get too philosophical so time for lots of photos of CAKE and other things, yay!

As it is Ramadhan, my party was quite a unique one in that nobody (except my Mum who can't fast due to her Parkinson's medication) ate. My two lovely best friends, Sammia and Misbah came over to mine and we just had a massive catch up, took lots of photos and then went to give the neighbours food. Although we couldn't eat or play games (it's hard enough whacking a pinata let alone when you've not ate/drank for over 18 hours), I had such fun! I've been spoilt rotten this year and I am so grateful and can't believe the effort my Mum and friends went to because 20 isn't even a big birthday and with it being Ramadhan, I honestly wasn't expecting anything because everyone's so busy and tired so a massive thank you to them all! Also, a huge thank you to the girls for managing to get the giant cupcake out of the most awkward packaging ever -_-

Raspberry Ripple cupcakes that I baked.

You can never have too much cake!
It's taken me 20 years but I finally blew out the candles in one go!

Feeding Mum some cake!

Sammia and Misbah <3

Misbah and I <3
Of course Peggy and Jenny were VIP guests.

Sammia et moi :)

So cute!

When I unwrapped this present I said "Aww nails inc" in a
 really high pitch with excitement and Sammia,
 Misbah and I could not stop laughing. I'm such an idiot!

I will be referring to this often during final year!
And so my love for daisy accessories continues!

Hello Type 2 diabetes!
This smells beautiful! It's my new favourite perfume and the
 smell doesn't fade! The bottle was a nightmare to open though
and it took us three about 10 minutes to figure it out :O
Love how you can see the camera's reflection.

Really excited to watch this!
This tin is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen!
This will come in handy for my Sehri smoothies!
Will this be the first house plant that doesn't die under my watch?
I also need to name it, please comment below with suggestions!
Oh boy!
I've wanted this for months! My Mum is the best!
Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x