Saturday, 23 July 2011

5. Becoming a sweet 17 ;)

Yes, I know it's usually a sweet 16 but I can bend the rules this once, right? Anyway, hello darlings! My "birthday post" is 9 days late (oops) and the only reason I'm writing this is because I'm waiting for some DSA driving theory test CD to finish installing on my lappytoppy -_- Ah yes, where was I- my 17th. I didn't really want a party if I'm quite honest but Mother dearest insisted upon it so we invited over a few neighbours, 2 of my closest friends and a couple of family friends. The night before I had been watching the Apprentice semi final where they had to open up a fast food restaurant. I was also decorating the house at the same time (bit of advice- if you're 5 foot 4 and want to stick balloons up on the ceiling-then DON'T). It was harder than the January 2011 AS Core 1 Mathematics exam. K that last sentence has made me sound incredibly stupid, oh well. Thank you to all of you who sent me birthday texts/tweets! The first thing I did when I woke up at 8am on the morning of the 14th was hoover the entire house while my Mum kept hitting snooze (mate, I'm supposed to be the teenager). This may sound a weird thing to do but I am pretty sure that I suffer from OCD and hate it when somebody else hoovers. After hoovering, I tidied up a bit and had a little dance around the house. Next came the dolling up part ;) I had a shower and then straightened my afro hair which for once took less than a century :O I'm liking these new hair straighteners. Time to pick up the cake from Martin's bakery with my friend who met me there. She was there for some moral support, to stop me from dropping the beast. When we arrived back at Chez Shaz- Madbo (my supportive friend) shoved lots of pins in my hair to make it a bit puffy like Amy Winehouse but it failed, miserably. We also took some photos on my sexy  red Nikon S3000 (formerly shown before hollyoaks last year). Can't blame a girl for trying, eh? Then arrived another fwend- Samsung and we went out to buy some starters and get our other friend, Lauren who in her own words, looked like a botanical garden and yes, she couldn't have described it any better. A sheep, botanical garden and a mobile phone then shuffled back home because two of them were wearing rather inappropriate footwear. The sheep should not have worn those pink patent gladiator sandals and the botanical garden was regretting wearing some painful brogues.By this time, Madbo's adorable younger sister- Eliza had arrived :') All 6 of us ladies started chatting away, munching on choccy and crisps and sipping cold beverages (non alcoholic that is, just in case PC Plod is reading). Somehow we ended up watching Dinner Date and Deal or No Deal because we were too lazy to do anything fun :L Then it was time to tuck into FOOD xD Mummy dearest had made some pilau rice which had peas in it and I ended up preparing the lamb curry after hoovering while apologising to the poor lamb constantly saying I was only doing this because my Mum was in the shower :'( We cleaned up and then as we were about to cut the cake, two disasters struck:
1) There were no matches :O
2) Madbo burnt her hand while trying to light the candles
1) Eliza and I ran to the corner shop where the shopkeeper almost refused to serve me the matches. I protested "I need them for my birthday cake, I'm NOT going to burn down any houses). In hindsight, I should have worn my "birthday girl" badge as solid proof but the term "birthday GIRL" didn't seem right at the age of 17.
2) Lauren came to the rescue of Madbo with her lighter, NO- she doesn't smoke. Lovely Lauren isn't stupid enough to buy lung cancer in packs of 20.
I failed at blowing all the candles out once and I failed to make a birthday wish -_- I am such a bell end (see previous posts). There's always that one little candle who wants all the bloody attention and doesn't go out until you're blowing like the big bad wolf. The busy neighbours came back from work and came over to give presents and we gave them food in return. Lots and lots of food. The guests gradually left until there were only three, well four but my Mum went up after a little bit. Oh yes, it was the moment we had all been waiting for- the battering of Ryan Giggs the pinata. I whacked its face off, then Sammia and Lauren had fun destroying the rest of it, in the end- Lauren got the last blow. Sammia left and Lauren and I took a few photos, watched some funny videos on Youtube including the Inbetweeners movie trailer. Remember to bring your wellies because we're going to be knee deep in clunge! Haha. The next day, I went for my first driving lesson which went much better than I expected. I stalled only once. My instructor took me for a spin around the showcase cinema car park. The reason I stalled was a coach was approaching and I started saying "oh dear, oh no" because I almost pooed myself that I was about to die and kill the instructor too as the coach would've hit poor Ruby first :'( Hmm, what else have I been doing in my first week of being 17- well I've had another driving lesson on the Tuesday just gone (19th July). This one was for 2 hours and I was mastering left turns which for the first 45 minutes was pretty bad because I was holding onto the steering wheel so hard that my knuckles were turning white. However, in the second half I loosened up and actually did alright. I also volunteered at Oxfam on Sunday and Wednesday as usual which like always was pretty fun. I went into town on Wednesday to buy some books and body shop stuff. On Thursday, I made apple pie for the very first time using home grown apples from our two apples trees. On Friday, I made chocolate rice krispies cakes and started making revision cards for the work we did at college after our exams for a few weeks.I have a busy week ahead too so my next post won't be up for a little while so take care and enjoy the remaining of the long summer days.
Below are a few photos from the birthday bash:

      Madihah and Mum


Samsung, Ana (busy neighbour), Mummy dearest, Sheep, Botanical Garden.

Mummy dearest and Ryan Giggs

Sammia and Ryan Giggs
Me and a faceless Ryan Giggs

Muhaha Lauren striking the last blow

Until next time... Mancunian Sheep x