Saturday, 25 July 2015

107. Lilac Nails - Barry M Berry Ice Cream vs Rimmel Rita Ora Go Wilderness

Hello everyone, just a quick little beauty post for you today. I love painting my nails and am loving lilac this summer so thought I would review two lilac nail polishes for you.

First up is Barry M Berry Ice Cream:

Barry M is my favourite nail polish brand because they have such a large collection, are reasonably priced and well pigmented. Berry Ice Cream is more of a pinky lilac compared to Rimmel's Go Wilderness. I applied two thin coats to achieve this finish:
Go Wilderness is part of the 60 Seconds Supershine nail polish collection by Rita Ora for Rimmel London. I can vouch for the 60 seconds as it did dry quicker than the Barry M one however, that is likely to be because it is such a thin formula. This shade of lilac has more blue undertones rather than the pink seen with Berry Ice Cream. I used two coats for Go Wilderness too but whereas one coat of Berry Ice Cream could have passed, you really do need two coats for Go Wilderness.
What I really like about the Rimmel nail polish is the brush, it is wide so makes application much easier despite me testing this on my right hand.

As you can see, the wide brush made it easier to apply so that the nails on my right hand are neater but usually as I am right handed, they are messier than my left hand. 

Overall, I like the formula of the Barry M one better but the brush of the Rimmel one. If Barry M made their brushes wider, they would be perfect. I love both the colours and they're both £2.99 so you can't lose!

As well as using lilac products on my nails, I am obsessed with the passion fruit EOS smooth sphere lip balm. It smells delicious but these aren't just a gimmick, they are really good lip balms. I love the sphere packaging because it makes for hygienic application, it's compact and there's no way that you're losing the lid. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know if you've tried any of the products mentioned above and what you thought of them. Also, what nail colours are you all loving this season?

Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x