Friday, 24 July 2015

106. Busy Bee

Honey I'm home! See what I did there? I'm really sorry for not posting at all so far in July, it has been the busiest month of my life so far which means I have a lot of Mancunian Sheep news for you all. I may as well start from the beginning of the month!

  • I got a job! I will be working at the university and my role involves widening participation to higher education and science communication as well as administrative work so it combines my degree and previous work experience as a student ambassador and my summer internship at the university last year. It's the perfect job for me and I can't wait to actually start. There are just over 3 weeks of summer holidays left for me before I start working so I have been making the most of them!
  • I went to Liverpool! My friend Sean finally got back from his placement year in Barcelona so my other friend Alex and I went to visit him! I love Liverpool. They actually have a green space in the city centre unlike the horror that is Piccadilly "Gardens" and with the dock and masses of seagulls, you feel like you're close to the beach. Liverpool One is also really nice and I like how the shops are mostly outdoors so the stores are larger and it's not as stuffy as the Arndale can sometimes get. This is actually only the third time I've been to Liverpool but we're already planning to go back again soon. It was too hot to take photos in Liverpool despite having my camera with me!
  • I graduated! After three years of biology and learning about everything from cell organelles to elephants, I graduated! I'm so happy that so many people I love could be there including my mummy of course, my neighbours who are basically my honorary godparents, my two best friends at university and also my two besties who I've been friends with since secondary school. I'd just like to thank everyone mentioned above and others for their support as I couldn't have done this without you all, you know who you are. (What I wore for anyone that wants to know: Shrug - Debenhams, Dress - Coast, Headscarf - from a local independent Islamic shop, Tights - M&S of course, Flats - Next, Ring - Accessorize and Watch - Daniel Wellington).

  •  I turned 21 - As my birthday was during Ramadan this year too, I didn't have a party and to be fair, since my 18th, I really don't get the big deal about my birthday (I only enjoyed my 19th because Andy won Wimbledon and it was my final teenage year). I just want to thank all my friends for all of my beautiful gifts. I really appreciate all the trouble you went to as we've all been so busy lately with Ramadan and graduation and everything else!
  • I am no longer a student ambassador! As I have now graduated, I am no longer a student and therefore no longer a student ambassador as of yesterday. I have thoroughly enjoyed this job for the past 3 years and have had such fun at every single shift I've worked. It's not every day you can say that you met the Chief Medical Officer at work; worked with hundreds of prospective students, their parents and teachers and also alumni; played Charades sat on deck chairs in the rain and all as part of one job! I've made so many friends on other courses that I wouldn't have otherwise met! Being a student ambassador is one of the best things I did at university and would recommend it to any students reading.

Watch out for a book review in the next few days! I wasn't reading during Ramadan so unfortunately feel like the summer book club has gone out of the window but oh well, I will still review all of the books in due course. Also, my monthly favourites will be up in a few days time so keep an eye out for that too. Finally, I haven't been blogging much but I have made a couple of YouTube videos this month, one is the closet confidential tag and the other is an updated what's in my bag and you can watch them here:

Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x