Monday, 23 March 2015

88. To Be or Not Two Bs?

The Life of a Mancunian Sheep is almost 4 years old and I have finally (hoorah!) decided on what I want it to be, better late than never, eh? I actually attended an intensive journalism course at university today and it was my first experience of media teaching since the tiny bit we did at GCSE English as I did neither a GCSE, A-level or degree in media. I thoroughly loved every second of it and it inspired me to really think where I want to go with this blog. Let's be honest, I'm not one of your typical beauty bloggers because 1) I don't actually wear any make up apart from the occasional nail and lip products and 2) There are various other things that I am far more passionate about than the latest Mac lipstick. I'd just like to point out that I am not slating beauty bloggers at all because there is obviously a massive demand for them as they produce some wonderful tutorials and people like myself do rely on reviews for skincare and beauty products.

Anyway, enough about other blogs, you may be asking "So, in which direction is the Mancunian Sheep heading?" Well, I've taken Oscar Wilde's advice of "Be yourself, everyone else is taken" and I'm going to write about what's important to me, what I am passionate about and what I enjoy doing and reading/writing about and that is the three Bs (in no particular order, I've just gone for alphabetical):

1) Baking

2) Biology (particularly bacteria so microbiology).
3) Books

There will be three posts a month for now relating to each of the three Bs (this may increase to three posts a week once I have finished my degree). The fourth weekly post each month will be a typical Mancunian Sheep post so it may be a monthly favourites, a song of the month, a film review or on an event that I attended. The three Bs may seem unrelated at first but some posts will overlap so watch this space! As we still have a week left of March, I will be uploading four posts over the next 7 days so keep an eye out for them! 

Much pun, such fun.

Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x