Thursday, 30 January 2014

35. Mancunian Lamb

Hello everyone! Hope you're all well. I'm extremely well thank you for asking because yesterday my hero Andy Murray replied to my tweet in a Q and A session. I'm so grateful that he replied and surprisingly, I didn't cry haha! It's brilliant when Andy tweets and I can't believe some of the tabloids thought he was getting married this summer. They don't understand the concept of sarcasm.

Anyway, in my previous post I mentioned that I would be doing a couple of different posts on here and this is the first one. The title of the post may seem like this is a recipe for lamb or that I am pregnant- I can confirm that this post will be neither of those things. I'm sure a fair few of you are familiar with Throwback Thursday/ Flashback Friday and as it is Thursday today (well I suppose it depends when you're reading this but when I posted this it was a Thursday or Friday if you're Australian), I decided to do a mega Throwback Thursday on here. As an only child, it seems like my parents spent a fair bit of their spare time taking photos of me on EVERY occasion they possibly could so here is a bit of a visual timeline showing the transition from Mancunian Lamb to Mancunian Sheep. Most of the photos don't have other people in them except my Mum because I didn't want to spend ages contacting all my friends and family to ask for permission. Enjoy.
Probably the earliest/one of the earliest photos of me that I
could find. It's the Mancunian Lamb woo!

I love this picture because judging by the flowers and our
outfits it was taken on a summer night and my Mum looks pretty
in pink and we both look happy and it is great. The rose looks
lovely also. It was my 1st birthday.
This has to be my  favourite childhood photo. Look how happy I am! I have always
been a keen gardener and when I was younger used to have my
own little plot in the garden where I grew carrots, beans
 and sunflowers :D Reckon my favourite colour was green from an early age

I really like this photo, it might be because our outfits
 co-ordinate so well. I'm probably about 3 years old here. 

GOLD- ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR SOUL! (Sorry, just couldn't help myself).
Here I am on Eid when I was 5. Bet the neighbours got sick of my parents 

taking photos of me so that's why they wanted to move (the for sale sign)
This was taken on one of the Eids when I was 6 years old.
After our big Eid meal, my parents, their best friend (may he rest
in peace and be granted a place in heaven) and I all
 went for a walk to see the swans and ducks.
Here I am at the Blue Planet aquarium in Chester aged 7.
I love the tunnel with moving floor with
sharks swimming above and I remember touching the
stingrays too.

Thoroughly enjoying myself at my 14th. That was probably
the best year of my life so far just because we had so much
fun in Years 9 and 10, it was a successful year too
and we had the house done.
Here I am at my 16th birthday meal. That was a great evening
 with ~15 of my closest friends from
 secondary school and our neighbours too. 

Hope you've liked taking this trip down memory lane with me. Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x