Sunday, 15 November 2015

117. The Cake and Bake Show 2015 - EventCity, Manchester

Hello everyone, hope you're well. Regular readers may remember when I went to the Cake and Bake Show in March 2014 at Manchester Central (you can read my post from then here). Anyway, I went to this year's event yesterday with my friends, Sammia and Sean and it was at EventCity this time. There were less display cakes and a lot more stalls compared to 2014 which I was a little disappointed at if I'm honest because I feel as though the show's all about the money making now.

We set off at 11.45 am got there at about 2 pm because the traffic was insane thanks to the UNICEF football match, the Cake and Bake show, the Christmas shoppers at the Trafford Centre and a home show that was also taking place at EventCity. Some elements of the show remained the same as 2014 including the demonstrations and the stalls selling fudge but I'll get onto the fudge later!

This will be a photo heavy post and I'm sorry the photos aren't of the best quality because of people in the background, it was just so busy!

I loved these plants at the Dr. Oetker stand, so pretty!

There was a Great British Bake Off style competition and we're pretty sure there was a children's book theme.

Some entries were submitted by children such as this one, lovely to see the next generation of bakers.

I completely agree with this statement!

Me during revision season.

This cake won first prize and rightly so, I love the tree.

There were a lot of Alice in Wonderland themed cakes.

Little Red Riding Hood and the hedgehog are so cute!

James and the Giant Peach!

One of my personal favourites, can't think why, baa!

Snow White looks a bit scary but the dwarfs are cute.

The watercolour detail is absolutely beautiful.

I think Stitch has eaten too much cake!


My personal favourite #1

My personal favourite #2 - this cake defies the laws of gravity.

Sean and I were both very impressed by the spherical cake. This would be perfect for a Christmas wedding!

Dream wedding cake - I love the birds!

Luis Troyano, GBBO finalist 2014, doing an empanada demonstration. Sean told us that they're
 basically a Spanish version of a Cornish pasty.

Tamal, GBBO finalist 2015, did  a demo of his rose and pistachio Madeira cake. 

Who would have thought that you could make roses from apples?

Look it's Paddington! :D

Surprisingly, we didn't buy any cake because there weren't many stalls selling cakes and the ones that were, didn't have many. Sammia spotted a Halal sweet stall and because they're hard to come by, we all stocked up. The tubs were only £1 each so were a bargain. I like supporting independent retailers so you can find out more about Scrumptious Sweets here.

At the start of the post, I mentioned fudge and here it is...

Okay so there was a lot more fudge yesterday but a picture speaks a thousand words as it was so delicious that 5 bars went to 2 bars in under 24 hours. Pictured is Madagascan Vanilla on the left and Banana and Chocolate on the right. The fudge is produced by the Kilted Fudge Company and they had an offer of 5 bars for £10. The other 3 flavours I bought were Salted Caramel, Cookies and Cream and Millionaire's Shortbread. The Cookies and Cream was good but the Millionaire's Shortbread was heavenly. My Mum had the Salted Caramel so I'm not sure how that was. I spoke to the man at the Kilted Fudge Company stall and he told me that it keeps for 5 weeks in the cardboard box and 2 months if stored in an airtight container. They have some amazing flavours including Irn Bru and you can find the company's Facebook page here. You can place orders for Christmas until 3rd December and they have a next day delivery service! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you went to The Cake and Bake Show and what you thought of it. What was your favourite cake mentioned in the post?

Until next time, take care.
Mancunian Sheep x