Sunday, 4 May 2014

54. Summer Revision Playlist

Hello everyone! Firstly, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you because earlier this week, The Life of a Mancunian Sheep hit 2000 page views. I could't believe it and I hope you stick around to read more about my adventurous (slight exaggeration) life!

Unfortunately, the dreaded exam season is once again upon us so instead of a song of the month for May, I thought I would share some songs with you all that I am currently listening to whilst revising and finishing off the last of my assignments for my field course. As it is a bank holiday weekend, make sure you have a bit of a break too especially as the sun is out. Whether you are freaking out over GCSEs and A-levels worrying that you won't make the grades you need for your preferred college/ university (don't worry, it's very likely that you will and if you don't, it's not the end of the world) or whether you are at university like myself, I hope the songs below make your revision more bearable. If you're reading this and actually have no exams then lucky you and I hope you enjoy these songs anyway. So, without further ado, here is the Mancunian Sheep's top 5 revision songs for summer 2014 (in no particular order):

1) The first two are new songs by bands that I absolutely love and listened to a fair bit during secondary school. First up, it's There Is No Other Time by Klaxons. This song sounds rather different to It's Not Over Yet and Golden Skans but I love it nonetheless and it's upbeat so will definitely motivate you.

2) Second, eez-eh by Kasabian because this song is optimum for chair dancing. If you sit still whilst listening to this then there is something wrong with you and I think you should go to the GP instead of doing that 2013 past paper (just kidding, past papers are the best). 
3) When I first heard this on the radio, the beat reminded me of old school Justin Timberlake you know, the Senorita and Like I Love You days. When he started SINGing, I was pleasantly surprised to realise that it was actually the lovely Ed Sheeran. He is just so talented as this song shows that he is capable of diverse genres. I think this is my favourite song of 2014 so far.
4) BBC Radio 1 helped me through GCSE revision and I absolutely love their acoustic Live Lounge covers. It was also when I was revising in Year 11 that I heard Ivy and Gold by Bombay Bicycle Club for the first time and they have come a long way since then. They have such a unique sound so I was delighted when they recently covered one of my favourite songs from 2013 in the Live Lounge. I've no idea how many versions of F For You there are going to be because Disclosure recently re-released it with Mary J Blige on vocals without changing anything else but this is definitely the best one in my opinion.
5) Finally, in 2013 we asked "what does the fox say?" but did not acknowledge that Foxes CAN sing (oh that was so good, I just gave myself a pat on the back) and I am going to reward myself by listening to the beautiful Foxes' Holding Onto Heaven. This is so catchy and they all look like they're having a great time in the video.

I hope these songs help you to have a great time whilst revising (if that's actually physically possible, I'm not so sure). Anyway, I want to wish you all the very best of luck for your exams. Until next time, take care.

Mancunian Sheep x