Saturday, 2 November 2013

25. Shameless Shepherd Selfies

Hello everyone! Hope you're all well. Sorry for not posting these past couple of months, I've just been really busy at university with labs, presentations, essays etc. It was Reading Week this week so I had a bit of a chance to relax. Apart from making lecture notes, doing lab and microbiology coursework and e-Learning assessments, here is what else I got up to...

I baked a cake! It is a chocolate finger cake as you can all see. The filling is chocolate hazelnut buttercream between the sponge layers. The rest of the cake is smothered in chocolate buttercream and I topped with fresh strawberries and melted 85% cocoa chocolate (not as sweet as the ones I devoured during Wimbledon, can't believe it will be 17 weeks this Sunday since Andy won!). Thanks to the lovely Chippy Cakes where I stumbled upon this brilliant recipe. Here's the link to the blog: 

Ooh, I've also been watching the GBBO masterclasses with Paul and Mary. Their banter is second to none! Can't believe how quickly this series finished. I must admit that I did enjoy series 3 more than this one because of Cathryn, John and James. This year's final was good, I particularly liked the signature bake where Frances and Ruby made rainbow picnic pies but felt slightly underwhelmed by the wedding cake showstopper challenge. What did you all make of this year's series?

I've been listening to these songs a lot!

If you've not listened to them already (despite them both being everywhere currently) then please do, I highly recommend it. Lorde is just 16 years old, she is definitely going to be the next big thing. Well, I hope she is anyway, she has a lovely voice.

You're probably all wondering what the title of this post is referring to. It was Halloween last night but it's never been my thing so instead of going to a party (because that's what people my age do now because we're too old for Trick or Treat :( ), I stayed in with my beloved flock. I recently joined the Photography Society at university but unfortunately thus far I've been too busy to attend any events. Anyway, I had my room decorated in September so now that everything is back in its rightful place, some of my flock and I had fun with my digital camera in my newly decorated room. 

Clara and I and the printer box (I went to order my new bed this week too with my Mum).

Clara's ears kind of match the wallpaper. Not sure why ma bouche is open.
Yay bookcase. 

Love you long time Shelly <3

Shelly is incredibly photogenic!

Modelling is hard work so Shelly decided to rest, on ma tĂȘte.

Excuse my hair, it was wet from the shower and I was wearing my pyjamas (traditional Shalwar Kameez are so cosy in bed but my favourite pyjamas were some I had when I was 6-they were red and had sheep all over them. Yes, I was a shepherd from a young age.
Hope you've enjoyed this post. Please check out Lorde and Chippy Cakes. I will be posting an autumn accessories post very soon so look out for that. Should be up this weekend or next but bear with as I have mini exams and lab/lab assessments this coming week. Stay safe on Bonfire Night and hopefully it won't months before my next post. 

Take care,

Mancunian Sheep x