Sunday, 30 September 2012

15. BSc Biology

Hello everyone! Before I get bags of hate mail, (only one out of approximately 7 billion of you homo sapiens has actually been nice enough to comment so I doubt anyone cares that I've not posted for like 2 months) I would like to apologise for not posting since August or it might even have been late July. Anyway, a lot has happened in my life since then :
  • ANDY MURRAY WON THE US OPEN- although it took him over 5 hours to beat the defending champion in a thrilling 5 set match, he did it. Words cannot express how happy I am for him and what a successful year both Andy and I have both had. When Novak came back from 2-0 down to level, I was pretty much crying my eyes out but the positive attitude Murray has had this year since being crowned Olympic mens singles champion and as well as Wimbledon runner up gave him that edge. Here are a few of my favourite photos of Andy with his first of many (I hope) Grand Slam trophies :D

  • I GOT INTO THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER- Despite crying more than I have in my entire life during this summer, I actually passed my A-levels after a torturous 2 years. I received BBB in A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Sociology. The week leading up to results day and especially the 2 days before were so emotional. My results went online at 6am and that morning after praying from about 4.30am-6am, I was crying my eyes out because failure for me has never been an option. When I logged onto the computer, I could only see my overall grade for sociology so I frantically started working out my total marks for the other 2 whilst trembling on the calculator. I knew I'd got the place at MMU, my insurance university place but then the wait until 8am began when UCAS Track would be updated. At approximately 7.37am my UCAS track page which had been opened in a web browser window since 6am automatically refreshed and when I read the words "Congratulations, your place at the University of Manchester to study BSc Biology has been confirmed", I ran with the speed of someone running from a deadly situation up the stairs and just told my Mum and cried and cried. My work had been paid off. The hundreds of revision cards I had made, the countless sleepless nights since that awful chemistry exam in June (in which I got a B in if anyone cares) and I had finally done it, I'd made my Mum, teachers, friends and for probably the first time in my life, myself proud. As we have recenty seen with the success of team GB at the Olympics and Paralympics, hard work really does pay off as obvious as it sounds. Although for some people, they are born into successful, wealthy families, their ancestors must have done something to get them into that situation and there is nothing stopping you from doing the same. I am about to start my third week at university tomorrow and althought the work is tough, I'm having the time of my life and meeting people from every corner of Earth and learning new things. There is so much to do and not enough time, I'm already purple and proud :D
Good luck to everyone who has just started university or A-levels or has graduated this summer. Leave a comment below sharing your experiences :) Also, let me know where you were and what you were doing when Andy Murray made history :D Thanks for reading!

Take care,

Mancunian Sheep x