Wednesday, 1 June 2011

2. It's already June

Hello again! It's me the Mancunian sheep ;) Since my last post a lot has changed in my life. Here is the list:
  1. I discovered possibly the funniest television show ever- THE INBETWEENERS! I watched all 18 episodes over the bank holiday weekend and I haven't laughed that much since I started college which sucked all the happiness out of me. I can't wait for the film which is out in August. I can't stop saying "bell end"
  2. Barcelona won the Champions league. In other news, Scholes has retired and the media has stopped talking about super injunctions.
  3. I managed to get some voluntary work to give something back to the community and make my personal statement look a little better.
  4. My Adele tickets arrived this morning :D
  5. I helped my best friend revise psychology today and realised how many studies the poor sods need to know for the exam.
  6. I made chocolate brownies for the first time yesterday.
Last night, I couldn't sleep so while the clock struck midnight and we entered the sixth month of the year, I was dancing with my rag dolls. On this note, I think it is a pretty good time for me to introduce you to Jenny and Peggy (my dance partners last night). 

This is Jenny, she is 9 years old and loves food and dancing.

This is Peggy, she's 14 years old and loves pink glittery stuff and hugs.

I'm also thinking of learning how to knit over summer so if any of you are also keen knitters, leave a comment below. Also, you're welcome to leave your opinions on anything else mentioned in my blog.
To say a little thank you for visiting my blog,  here is a link to a song that is on repeat on my iPod at the moment:

Enjoy. I hope you all have a superb month whatever you have planned.
Shazia x